I'm so glad to hear how well you treat your cows. I'm committed to
only buying animal products from happy animals.

~ Martha P.

Offering consumers high quality...local milk

Our Family Farms is a marketing co-op of local dairy farmers working together to offer fresh, local, hormone (rBST*) free milk. Each farmer takes great pride in their farm and the care of their cows. (not only do all the cows have names, but they get breakfast before the farmer does). Meet the farmers

This high quality milk is produced on small, local, family-run farms located throughout Franklin and Hampshire Counties.

The farmers are committed to:

The Land – We manage our farms using sustainable agricultural practices that help protect our natural resources and preserve open spaces.
The Cows – We care for our cows like they are members of our families, milking and feeding 365 days a year.

The Community – We preserve rural character, local jobs, use local goods and services, plus are contributing citizens to the community.


By purchasing Our Family Farms milk, you are supporting local farm families and helping to preserve a New England tradition. Find a store in your area.

*FDA states: No significant difference in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone (rBST).