My life of 60 years in Greenfield, I recently bought your milk at Foster's because they had no other half gallon on the shelf but yours. I loved it so much as far as the taste and texture, if I'm saying that right, it was SO GOOD I bought another one today. Excellent taste, Great product.
Will buy again, no doubt.

~Greg W.

About Us

Coming together to provide consumers with quality milk

Jerseys on Pasture
Jerseys on Pasture

Our Family Farms is a marketing coop of local dairy farmers working together to offer consumers high quality milk, while also preserving a traditional way of life.

The Pioneer Valley Milk Marketing Cooperative (dba. Our Family Farms) was founded in the spring of 1997 with the hope of keeping family farms operating for hundreds of years more. 

The members are small, family run farms milking Hosteins, Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorns, Ayrshires, and Normandies. Most importantly the farmers are committed to always providing the very best tasting milk that is ALWAYS rBST * Free.

All of our farmers graze their cows on pasture each spring, summer and fall, which keeps our land open and preserved.

Meet the farmers:

By purchasing Our Family Farms milk, you are supporting local farm families and helping to preserve a New England tradition. Find a store in your area.


*FDA states: No significant difference in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone (rBST).