I'm so glad to hear how well you treat your cows. I'm committed to
only buying animal products from happy animals.

~ Martha P.

Sunbrite Farm in Bernardston, Massachusetts


We're David and Debbie Duprey of Sunbrite Farm. Together with our children, Aimee, Kimberly, and Nicholas, we work a family farm that dates back to the 1900's when David's grandfather and later his father milked cows here. Our farm has about 100 acres - 70 acres are woodland and 30 acres are pasture and hay. To keep our 100 head of cows fed, we also rent another 75 acres for haymaking.

Our herd consists of 40 young stock and 65 milkers. People often ask us what is the best part about running our own farm, and our answer is just that: running our own farm. We're self-employed. It's up to us.

Thank you for buying our farm's milk and for supporting local farmers.

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