I'm very pleased to be able to buy local, healthful milk from family farms rather than factory farms.  Thank you all for putting really good milk back in the marketplace!

~ Kirsten W.

Chase Hill Farm - Warwick, Massachusetts

We're Mark and Jeanette Fellows, and we operate Chase Hill Farm. Our farm got its start in the 1950s when Mark's parents, Oliver and Virginia, purchased the land from Mark's grandmother. We purchased the farm from them in 1992. Mark does most of the farm work but gets plenty of help from the family, including our two daughters, Molly and Maggie, who pitch in feeding calves, moving cows, and helping with the haying. Today, there are 30 Normande and Jersey cross-bred milking cows at Chase Hill Farm producing top-quality milk seasonally from March to December. Each day the cows rotate to a new section of lush pasture to graze. They enjoy fresh air and sunshine daily and even have a view of Mt. Monadnock!

Our Belgian draft horses harvest hay, spread manure, and move fences, hay, water tubs and wood around the farm. The horses help to reduce our use of and dependence on fossil fuels. We joined "Our Family Farms" in order to sell our milk locally. It's nice to feel we are supporting our community and also being supported in return.

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