Would love to see your milk at Big Y in Southwick, Granville Country Store in Granville, and the Gran-Val Scoop (Gran-Val Farm) in Granville. I live in Granville and the nearest location with your milk is Stop & Shop in Feeding Hills.

Supporting local dairy farms by buying local dairy products is very important to me and my family, but sometimes they are difficult to find.

~ Scott L.

Our Products

Our Family Farms is proud to provide a fresh, wholesome, high-quality, nutritious product to the residents of Massachusetts. Our famers have pledged not to use rbST (artificial growth hormone) because we care about the health of our families, friends and the community. We maintain the highest standards for animal care and treat our cows as if they are our children. Our cows generally eat breakfast before we do! Our cows spend part of their day grazing on lush, green pastures in the Spring, Summer and Fall. All of our farms use sustainable agricultural practices to protect our natural resources and preserve open space.

We proudly offer Whole, 2% (Reduced Fat), 1% (Low Fat) and Skim (Non Fat) Milk in Gallon and Half Gallon containers.

Whole Milk Gallon

Whole Milk Half Gallon

2% Reduced Fat Gallon

2% Reduced Fat Half Gallon

1% Low Fat Gallon

1% Low Fat Half Gallon

Skim Milk Gallon

Skim Milk Half Gallon

By purchasing Our Family Farms milk, you are supporting local farm families and helping to preserve a New England tradition. Find a store in your area.