I'm so glad to hear how well you treat your cows. I'm committed to
only buying animal products from happy animals.

~ Martha P.

Mapledge Farm - Shelburne, Massachusetts

We are Peter and Faith Williams. Our farm, Mapledge Jerseys, has been in the Williams family since the 1870s. It consists of 140 acres of rolling hillside pasture and hay land. We also rent an additional 80 acres. Peter and his father, Jim, have been milking cows since 1981. Jim is "retiring" from the farm and will now work only 6 to 8 hours a day, rather than 12 to 14 hours.

Our daughters, Margaret and Eleanor, help too! They especially enjoy feeding the calves and putting out hay for the cows. Additional help comes from our nephew, Colin. During the hay season we all pitch in as much as possible so that our cows will stay happy and well-fed through the winter.

You support many local farmers when you drink "Our Family Farms" milk.

We thank you.

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